About The Proceeds

We at PIR will dedicate proceeds from the allocation to programs that empower non-commercial organizations to have an effective online presence – a tool that we strongly believe is key to achieving organizational missions, especially in underserved markets. .

As the registry whose mission is to serve the public interest, our intent is to reinvest the allocation proceeds back into the .ORG community and to maintain our founding mission of “facilitat[ing] the effective use of a global Internet among non-commercial and other Internet users worldwide.” We will keep to this mission in three distinct ways:

1. Educate the noncommercial community on the power of the Internet and the .ORG domain in achieving their mission and objectives.
2. Deliver cost-effective tools to support organizational efforts to “connect and communicate” with their core audiences.
3. Empower a sense of community among the noncommercial organizations and enable effective networking between and among participants.

As you can see, our objectives are simple, yet stand as ones that will hopefully resonate in communities worldwide.

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