About Project 94

When .ORG first emerged in 1985, certain policies and recommendations required that a registry “set aside” a select number of domain names for future registration. Among this group of reserved names were a set of 94 1-2 character domain names. Now, 26 years later and after a thorough review of these legacy policies and public consultation, the Public Interest Registry (PIR) – the manager of the .ORG domain — will release these 94 domain names for allocation.

Since .ORG’s inception, the global community has long-shaped the .ORG domain as the online venue for individuals, organizations and companies to educate, mobilize and empower their audiences. So whether you are an individual with an idea to share, a small club organizing and motivating your members, or a large company conducting educational campaigns, these 1 or 2 character .ORG domain names will provide instant recognition – not to mention a short, easy-to-remember address to any mission.

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